Commissions & Boards


Mary Bosk 2018
Pamela Bialik 2019
Rudolph Kaminen 2020
Joan Sundstrom 2021
Darrell Mullins 2022
Mike Lindahl, Director  

Housing Commission - 5 year terms expiring in October
Oversees Fairview and Bayview Mainors
The Board is appointed by the Gladstone City Commission

Howard Haulotte 2019
Jason Lippens 2019
John Noreus 2020
Judy Akkala 2019
Term Exp. January 1  

 Board of Review 
 Click Here: Board of Review Description


Brenda Johnson 2022
Howard Keeton 2021
Audra Steinhoff 2018
Gary Stevenson 2019
Joetta Fredrickson 2020

 Compensation  Commission - 5 year term expiring in October
The Commission sets reimbursable expense amounts (meals, mileage, etc.) for employees and board/commission members for travel and/or    education purposes and also sets City Commission meeting stipend.

Fernwood Cemetery Committee

Margaret Gagnon
Keith Anderson
Barry Lund
Jeff Waeghe
Ed Walker

Wells Sports Complex Authority
Members represent Gladstone on board.
Michael Martin
Katherine Kohtala

Building Authority - Public Safety Building
This board was created per bond specifications and meets as needed.
Dave Woodworth
Judy Granger
Jack Sepic