Public Safety

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Public Safety

Public Safety Building
906-428-3131 Phone
906-428-1730  Fax
Dial 911 for emergencies
144 4th Ave. NE . Gladstone, MI 49837
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday   9am to 3pm
Officers are on duty 24 hours a day. 

Donate for K9 Program 

The Gladstone Public Safety Department in Michigan is looking to start a K-9 unit. The department will utilize a canine for the purposes of search and rescue, search and hold, building searches, drug detection, protection, and public relations events.

If you would like to assist in funding this new program, please contact the Gladstone City Hall or see the link provided:

Ron RobinsonDirector
Angel ChmurynskiDispatch
Sgt. Scott Larson, mail
D/Sgt. Aaron Quinlan, mail
PSO Mike Willemsen, mail
PSO Todd Crow, mail
PSO Ryan Peterson, mail
PSO Nicholas Pellegrini, mail
PSO Brad Nault, mail
PSO David Adams, mail

Volunteer Fire Chief
John VanBrocklin
Volunteer Assistant Fire Chief
Dave Brock
Kevin Paul
Jeremy Brock
Volunteer Lieutenants
Bob Snowaert
Dave Steinhoff
Paul Marenger