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Notices of Assessment and Taxable Value are mailed to property owners approximately the first week of March each year.  Read you notice carefully and if you have questions be sure to contact the Assessor's Office. A Board of Review meets in the Council Chambers of Gladstone City Hall starting the Monday of the second week of March for two days.


For further information on how your taxes are calculated or the Board of Review see the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions


How are property assessments, SEVs and taxable values determined?

How to review and appeal your property assessment

Policy and Guidelines for granting poverty exemptions

Tax Tribunal

Additional information regarding the Michigan Tax Tribunal may be obtained from the Michigan Tax Tribunal web site.

How can I obtain Property Tax Forms?

Property Tax and Assessment Miscellaneous Statistics
History of Assessed and Taxable Values
History of Millage Rates
History of Inflation Rate Multiplier

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